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Our terms and conditions have been designed to be simple and easy to read. They are important, as they cover which bits of the move we are responsible for, and which bits you are responsible for.

1. Legal Jargon

"We", “Us” and “Our” means Andy and a Van. Ltd "You" and “Your” means the party entering into the agreement for services with us, and includes the party to whom your quote is addressed, and any party who gives us instruction on your behalf, and the party by whom the final acceptance is signed.


The promise to repair (or compensate) provided by Us, is in addition to any statutory rights that You may have arising from the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or similar legislation. Those additional rights remain to the extent that they cannot be excluded. To the extent that they can be excluded they are. Where they cannot be excluded then such rights and any remedies arising therefrom are modified to the extent permitted by law.


2. Your Quote & Booking

You need to tell us what you would like moved and where it needs to go. We will then estimate how long this will take us and what equipment we will need to use to transport your goods safely. This is an estimate only and will form your quote. The list that you give us at booking is a guide to what we are expecting to move on the day, not an itemised inventory..If there is more items than quoted the job will take longer and cost you more.

Please note we are based in the Isle of Man. If your job involves any from of off-Island travel for us, the cost of this will be factored into your quote and or final charge.

Where possible we will try to provide off-Island service to multiple customers at a time to help reduce your quote and final charge, and will always try our best to work with you for this to be made possible. This may include discussing with you alternate dates. You will always have a say on potential changes to the agreed job.


3. Changes and cancellations

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you give us at least 24 hours’ notice before the agreed start time of the job of any changes or cancellations, no fee applies. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will charge a fee of 1 hour of the booked hourly rate. This clause is not applicable to jobs involving sea transport.


4. Parking

We will park anywhere safe you ask us to, EXCEPT in a Clearway. If the parking space is not legal, you can ask us to find a legal spot further away. Any parking fees we pay or infringements we receive will be added to the cost of the job.

5. Before the job

All items should be prepared for transportation i.e. disassembles, boxed and wrapped etc.. Our jobs are charged on an hourly rate and if you require us to do any additional work this must be made clear at the time of quote; failure to do so may lead to additional charges for you, or we may be unable to complete the job at that time, This job would then be classed as a cancellation, please refer to section 3 of our Terms and Conditions. All Fragile items should be packed well or the company will not accept and damaged when transporting . all jobs requiring of Island work are subject to a 50% deposit due to the cost of booking the Steam Packet.

6. During the job

We will attempt to move all of your items as directed, however, we reserve the right to refuse to carry any item or items for any reason such as but not limited to fragile or special goods. All items to be easily accessible  and Andy and a Van accept no responsibility for damage caused when moving heavy objects from upstairs

For jobs which require the movement of 5 or more items, we will require an itemised inventory from you, or your physical presence at the collection point to ensure we are transporting everything required.

Sometimes there is more stuff than we discussed during the booking. We will always try to fit it in for you, but we don’t always have time or space to do more than we were booked for. If that is the case, we will try to discuss alternative options to get it all done.

If, after loading, we can’t deliver your goods for reasons outside our control, where possible we will hold on to them for you, or return them to the point of collection. You will then be responsible for any re-delivery charges. If this happens, we will do our best to contact you to work out any other way of solving the issue.

We will not accept any claim for consequential loss or damage if we refuse, or are unable to move an item or items for any reason.

All items to be  packed in boxes by the customer are transported at the customers Own risk,

All boxes should be sealed shut for transport and nothing should be open packed as stated by are insurance company.

Televisions should be packed in a box with plenty of protection or they are transported at the customers own risk,


7. Time

Our “working time” is the time from when we arrive at the first address, to the completion of payment at the final address. The minimum is one hour of work, after that there are a number of variables which will determine the final cost for your job. Where possible this will be outlined in your quote, and we will do our best to inform you of any changes to our charge with full explanation available to you upon request.

after 5 pm work will incur an extra charge.

Our “travel time” is a fixed time to get to the starting suburb before the job, and away from the end suburb after we finish working. We will advise the travel times when you book. If you change the start or end suburbs during the job, the travel time may change accordingly.

If your total charge exceeds 8 hours in one day then we will charge overtime rates. We will also charge overtime rates on certain jobs that are booked in for times outside of our usual working hours. You will be notified of such charges where relevant and convenient. All amenity site charges will be added after the job is completed to be fair to all customers and you will be charged at cost for this service 


If payment is not made within 7 days of the job being done 5% interest will be applied to your bill. 10% the 2nd week 15% the 3rd week and 20% after  4th week.

8. Insurance

Insurance claims if the unfortunate happens can only be claimed on after the bill is settled . This is also to be bought to our attention by the next day after completing the job


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